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Iris Bracelet

Iris Bracelet

These stunning Udara Dilecta Butterfly wings are delicately placed around a radiant Moonstone body, soldered together and beautifully finished with an antique style silver chain.


Udara Dilecta Butterfly

From: China

Moonstone Body

Antique Silver Plated Brass Chain

Encased In Glass

Solder Is 100% Lead Free

Black Patina Used For Antique Look

Chain is custom size to fit you.

Just Like Nature Every Piece Is One Of A Kind

  • Please Note

    Because of the unique physical properties of each stone & specimen, no two products are exactly the same. The product you receive will differ slightly from the one shown.

    Each item is created when it is purchased. Therefore, this product will ship within 5-10 business days, so please plan accordingly.

    If you would like to rush the production of this item, please email me at to see if I can accommodate your request.

  • Custom Size ~ To Fit You

    Please leave the measurement of your wrist in centimeters.

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